Frisch bestätigt: Next Level Vol. 3 – Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
Frisch bestätigt: Next Level Vol. 3

Frisch bestätigt: Next Level Vol. 3

Am Samstag, 7. Oktober kommen glitchBABY x Kiyyan, septacore, babycurls, Identitycrisis & Longsleeve And The Weirdboys in die Kulturfabrik Kofmehl!


Line Up Vol. 3: glitchBABY x Kiyyan, septacore, babycurls, Identitycrisis?, Longsleeve And The Weirdboys glitchBABY x Kiyyan There will be no emo revival, emo has never been dead. It’s not just a phase. We are dissociating beamer boys 260 on a highway through cyber space. Algorithm, algorithm. Connecting lost chronically online people since 2022. Brot by Kiyyan. Adorned by glitchBABY. Envisioned by us.

septacore septacore is breaking musical boundaries with their fusion of emo, alternative, hyperpop, and trap. The wide range of musical influences, as well as septacore’s haunting and expressive stage presence offer an extraordinary experience of live music. With raw lyricism, catchy hooks and innovative production, septacore invites listeners to explore themes of love, self-discovery and overall weltschmerz.

babycurls These three babycurls serve fast paced and hard hitting babybeats, noisy storms and a tasty mix coming straight out of their digital musical blender. They aren‘t afraid to make a mess as long as the fits are cute and the sub is on.

Identitycrisis identitycrisis? (idc?) is a Swiss/Canadian producer. ‘Honesty’ and a ‘DIY’ are pillars carrying their sound. Jumping/Dancing with the crowd or sad-person-hyper-cute lamenting? You never know what to expect at an idc? show, come and be surprised:)

Longsleeve And The Weirdboys We are Longsleeve and the Weirdboys and we make emotionally distressing noise. If you want us to play at your son’s birthday party please contact us.

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